2 DigUno + 1 power supply Random colors

I connected 2 DigUno each one owns a strip with 396 led 12v. (792 total leds)
I have 1 power supply with 25A to supply both devices.

When I turn on both digunos at the same time, the DigUno A with led strip A looks ok, but DigUno B with led strip B presents random colors near to led #200 (red, white and blue) in some effects.

If I turn on DigUno B with led strip B and turn off DigUno A with led strip A, everything works ok.

If I switch the DigUno the issue remains always in strip B.

Yesterday I rewieved the wiring, also I tried with new wiring and it still remains with the same issue.

Also I changed wiring between digunos and power supply

And finally I tried with sync parameters but I cant solve the issue.

I want to know If this issue can be caused by a voltage drop or because I have both devices in the same power supply or because they are in the same box.

Both diguno have flashed the version 0.13.0-b2

I hope someone can help me to solve this issue.

Sounds like you may have some type of ground loop. Any chance you can make a rough hand drawn wiring diagram?

With that we may see an error.