2048Led's 4Segments/8panels out of sync

sorry for my bad english, i use google translator.

8* 256 LED panels used
2 panels on one GPIO pin.
4 GPIO’s are used.
(connection plan see picture)

How can there be a delay between the individual panels?
very visible in the lower left area.
panel 7 and panel 8 are on the same GPIO, how can it be that these panels work asynchronously?
(see video)https://youtu.be/zl7DyPYuKFY

What version of WLED are you running?
Is it possible to configure this as 2 GPIO’s running 1024 LED’s each?
How about keeping it at 4 GPIO’s but rewire/reverse the order so GPIO4 is 1st and GPIO15 is last?
Worthwhile to know if the delay is based on the # of RMT buffers, # of LED’s or something else.

I seem to recall a past timing issue in NeoPixelbus (core library for WLED) that referenced an intermittent delay issue with multiple RMT buffers (?)

WLED v0.13.2-a0 “Toki”

how many leds can you pack on one pin?
did it understand that with many leds on one pin, the fps drop to their knees and it was better to put so many leds on several pins?

I’ll test first thing in the morning.

RMT buffer??
what is it and how can i find out?

---- What I forgot to mention is that the WLED control works. This means that the color gradient runs smoothly. I only have the problem with jinx.

Device config in Jinx!
tpm2.net 6144channels 768Chan/Block 8Blocks

Sorry, but I’m only at the very beginning with wled and the ESP’s. a lot of things are still technical terms that I don’t know what they mean.

See here for LEDs-per-pin info.


Regarding the pin restrictions…sorry, I still had the information from the 8266 in my head.

I had read the page and hope to have understood the information to some extent.
“For perfect performance, it is recommended to use 512 LEDs/pin with 4 outputs for a total of 2048 LEDs.” - that’s how I did it.

:partying_face:It works!!! After I restarted my computer again after a long time, there are no longer any delays in the individual panels.

I idiot, I could have thought beforehand that winstupid is causing the problem again. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

blatant firmware that was created here - huge thanks to aircookie!
and again a huge thank you to the community for the extensive and detailed explanations in the forum.

think it’s great how you all make all the devices compatible.
home assistant + ESPuino + WLED + Jinx!(+audio) = neverending story… :face_with_spiral_eyes:
now you should only offer your own PCB’s so that people can buy them directly from you. Hole grid circuit boards always look wired like this, and I still have a lot of practice to do before I can design my own kicad.