3d printable stencil for WLED pcb

I thought it would make life much easier if there was some kind of stencil (is that the right word?) which would hold all electronic parts onto the pcb while I solder them upside down.
This stencil would be 3d printable.

Does something like this already exist?

Is there an easy way to make such stencil?
Maybe a 3D-Model of the complete pcb from which I could make a negativ.

Else I would create one by hand with FreeCAD.

There is no wled PCB. Which product are you talking about?

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Sounds like you are looking for a “jig” . If you have a specific board you’re assembling i could take a crack at it with my intermediate knowledge of fusion360.

Not sure of your specific arrangement but I have used big wads of playdough covered by plastic wrap for instant jigs recently with great success

Blu-Tack (or similar: https://www.amazon.com/Blu-Tack-S050Q-Reusable-Adhesive-75g/dp/B001FGLX72 )

I was talking about this:

And since there is already a 3D-render of the complete setup I thought it would be easy to create a “negative” from it.

I guess I “simply” have to export a STL-file from the gerber-file.

I will look into this in the next days…

If I understand you correctly, you asked for something, even though you had already decided on what the one-off solution must look like, and then when presented with a reusable universal inexpensive no-tech solution, you are opting for hi-tech one-off single-use solution that takes time to design, create and then test.
Ok, no worries. I have to understand as I’ve done exactly the same thing in the past myself.

Do you mean the Adhesive?
I don’t think I can use the tape to fix all components to the board at the same time, because they have different hights.

I understand the benefit of the 3D-primted solution might not be that big.
But I think it would be a nice proof-of-concept and I hoped somebody might already had created such a thing.:slight_smile:

Normally, you insert the components and bend the leads to retain them. If you can’t do that with some parts, then you improvise. :wink: