Apply Preset At Boot Possible Glitch

Has anyone experienced this with 0.11.1.

I have 51 current presets and wish to run 42-51 at startup. I therefore try to save the “Apply preset 42 at boot” however it won’t let me go higher than preset 25. If I try a higher number it defaults back to 25. It stores lower number presets below 25 just fine.
Is this a glitch or current limitation?

Can you set the startup preset via http or JSON APIs? If you try, does it keep the correct value, or does it also limit it to 25?

Confirmed as a bug by Aircoookie.

His fix is - If you compile from source, line 93 in set.cpp is where the issue lies. Change the value from 25 to however many presets you require. I assume the max would be 250.

I compiled a recent 0.11.1 8266 and Esp32 binary with the preset fix for anybody that needs it.

d1_mini.bin (631.2 KB)

ESP32 binary also however I’ve not tested it yet.

esp32dev.bin (1.1 MB)