Auto Reversing Sequence Option With Basic Timer

This may or may not be possible however - Could a auto reversing sequence checkbox be added to patterns that run in one direction?

The icing on the cake would be to also add a basic timer (say 0-30 sec) that would reverse the sequence at given intervals rather than constant changing. Could it be integrated into the settings menu potentially giving all effects this option?

After testing many standalone controllers hardly any have this facility. Many manufacturers take the short cut of using two memory slots of the same pattern to achieve left and right running. None I’ve tested offer a timer option.

It is possible to reverse any WLED effect with the checkbox in the Segments tab :slight_smile:
Those are not timed though, but that would indeed be a cool enhancement idea!

Perhaps an Auto Reverse function could be added to the main menu with a timer slider bar and checkbox to disable. With the new added Mirror effect if a checkbox could also be included for this then the auto reverse feature would look stunning.

The below simulated video is potentially how a sequence could look. This example is using the Meteor effect with a fiery tail changing about every 5 seconds.
It’s amazing how just changing the patterns direction from end to end or centre in and out, adds a new dimension to the effect. Being able to save auto reverse and auto mirror reverse sequences as pre-sets would be amazing.
Perhaps this could be considered once the file system is up and running, hopefully making it easier to implement.