Blank screen in Sync Settings menu item

After I enable DMX in the Sync Setting menu, after saving the settings, in this menu item a blank screen appears:

This problem existed in version 0.10.2, exists in version 0.11.0, and on the ESP8266, and on the ESP32.
I’ve tried browsers Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge
Has anyone had a similar problem?

Hi, which checkbox related to DMX in particular is the one giving you trouble?

Ohhhh, no need to write on the forum at night, I’m confused :roll_eyes:
Not DMX checkbox, MQTT settings.
This issue appears if the broker’s MQTT account password has a % (percent) character

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Oh, a new version is out …
I have updated WLED to version 0.11.1 and this problem is gone now.
Thank you! :+1:

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Awesome that it was the % problem which was also reported by another user and already fixed (at least for the MQTT password) :slight_smile: