Eps 32 HELPP

I use Eps 32 and there are 15 meters 60leds, I want to control Eps 32 from a single device, I installed the pins, I appointed which pin I installed from the Wled application, but it works differently.

Two lane leds, for example, when I connect Eps 32 pin 17,18, the led is short circuit, what should I do, I want to check a few leds from one device.

It is said that I will be able to control many leds with Eps 32.

So briefly Eps 32 15 meters 60/leds DC5V WS2812B how can I check my LED Eps 32 Thank you for your help

As can be seen in the video, I tried it with 10 meters, I connected it 17.18, it worked unstable and shorted it shorted.
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wiring diagram picture : s75kny4.png