External 32kHz xtal

Hello community,
Is it a good idea to connect an external 32 kHz xtal to improve Wi-Fi performance and energy saving?

Is it possible to turn this xtal on and let ESP32 use it?


Not sure how a 32Khz xtal would “improve Wifi performance”, maybe improve sleep performance???

What problem are you trying to solve?

For other CPU (nordic for example) using also a 32 kHz xtal help reducing power consumption and gives better radio signal stability.
Im not sure if it is the same with ESP32.

For now WLED is ESP 32/8266 only code.

Yes, and it is good on ESP32.
What I’m thinking is that 32 kHz xtal could be use not only for sleep power save. I have the possibility to mount it on my PCB, but it should be activated by firmware to work properly.