Help ! No more wled app

Unable to download Wled in Canada on AppStore or google play. It says not valid in your country??

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I’m having the same problem. I have an old iPhone with the app already installed and it’s working. I just bought a new iPhone and I’m trying to set it up but I can’t download the WLED app. It tells me it’s not available in my country. This is very inconvenient. I have 3 devices I can’t control unless I log into them on a computer now or browse to them. This app was perfect for my teenagers to control their own lights. Boo!

Hey! Just a quick update on this, I am having an administrative situation with Apple, therefore the iOS app is temporarily unavailable. I hope it will be back again tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for the response !

We install 3 to 4 jobs per day, so it was a shock yesterday.


Philippe Brousseau

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If you do that perhaps consider writing your own app to be sure you have control over user experience. :wink:

I have been trying to find someone since last march ,

Quick question,
New to compiling wled
If I want to change some config default value , where do I find them ?
Example : - disable brightness limiter
- sk6812 , rgb
- turn led on after power off
- etc……

Trying to make everything easier for my techniciens

If you want to change source then plenty of places: wled.h, const.h, FX.h, etc.
Better method is to use build_flags in PIO build environment (platformio.ini). Something like -D PIXEL_COUNTS=100, etc.