I created a wall mirror with awsome wled! Works great!
I have 209 SK6812 with ESP32 mounted under the mirror
The picture is not so nice, but there is not so much space to make pictures.

I made 4 segments. One for each side, but somehow the upper left side leds flicker with the top side leds. Maybe I try to flash the ESP again

Best regards!

2020-03-31 19.30.55|236x500

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awesome project, looks dope!

Do you mean that both segments are changed at the same time? Make sure only the segments you want to change are checked. If there is flicker, make sure segments don’t overlap (this includes segment 0)

Greetings :slight_smile:

How many power injection points do you have? For 209 LEDs, at least 2 (both ends of strip), and ideally, one in the middle of the strip as well (power injection points) should fix the flickering problem. If you already have multiple injection points and it’s flickering, please post back.

I have power injection in every corner, should be fine.
Flickering appears only when I use segments. Maybe I made s.th wrong.
I will look into that next few days.