Percent effect not always working


Scratching my head to understand how to make the “percent” effect consistent across API call.

My problem is when we change manually the settings via the web interface, it simply does not produce the effect anymore, but light up all the led at once.

My goal is the following.
When I’m at the bottom of the stair, I like to trigger the leds to lit from the bottom and going up. But when I’m on the top of the stairs, I’d like to do the opposite. I have no preset defined. But my kids have fun with the web interface, and once it happens, the effect does not work anymore.

The ideal solution is to have one or more API calls that will get rid of any previous settings and make sure the call(s) will make it work 100% of the time.
I have the following
curl -s "http://IP_ADDRESS/win&T=1&A=128&FX=98&SX=25&IX=100&R=255&G=255&B=255&RV=0"
RV will change the direction

What do I miss

I recommend setting up the user mod meant for stairs. It can be triggered via API, MQTT, or various physical sensors connected directly to the ESP. It seems especially well done and does exactly what you described already without any work on your part.

Thanks for sharing this information. I’ll give it a try when I’ll get back homne next week-end