Potentiometer as analog input for effect speed is UNSTABLE - causing jumpy LED effects

Video explaining the issue: Reddit - Dive into anything

More info: Using an ESP32. Potentiometers are wired to the 3V3 output, the GND pin, and an ADC pin (I believe GPIOs 33 and 35 respectivey).

I have mapped the potentiometers as an analog input for “effect speed” and “effect intensity”.

Even without touching the pots, the value of the slider in the WLED UI will sometimes jump by itself - causing a weird glitchy effect in the LED animations.

How can I stabilize this?

You can add PI code to analog handling but unfortunately that will make potentiometer act even slower than it already is.

Except if you’d increase sampling rate… which will bring other problems.

did you make BASE Rsistor to both sides of the potentiometer not direct GND / V+
you may need up to 1/10 of the poti Value to both sides for stable numbers

This will not resolve line or input pin noise.