Two segments defined identically (except start / stop)

show different outputs. One is perfect ( start/stop) 258 - 516

The other ( 0 - 258) has some LED’s that stay on SOLID continuously; even though set for CHASE. Can attach video of this problem later if necessary.


Try swapping to different GPIO pins to see if the problem goes with the pin or the strip.

Thanks, but I’m with an ESPixelstick. No GPIO pins on it. Thanks again.

Ok, then swap the definitions. Does the problem depend on the physical pixels, the definition order or the actual definition?

I don’t understand by swapping the definitions. If I change from CHASE to SOLID, everything is perfect.

SO I’m doubtful that’s a hardware problem. Funny part that the problem segment is CLOSEST to the PS.

Still, I’m grateful for your willingness at trying to help me. I wish someone with the source code would chime in.