14.0 - LEDMAP.json not in API?

I noticed the LEDMAP dropdown box at the bottom of the segments does not show my selected map.

Also, when I look at them API text I can’t find ledmap.json.

I did notice when updating a preset and the OVERWRITE WITH STATE is selected a selection for the ledmap is available.

Is the ledmap not longer listed in the API?

Show the Ledmap: drop down at the bottom of the segments show my selection?


It only shows up if you have more than one map.

I have ledmap1.json and ledmap2.json and it still does not show on when I select in the drop down box at the bottom of the sequence panel . It does show correctly in the preset dialog box when I edit. But it is not in the API.

Yes that is a known thing in AC to help confuse users

I don’t know what AC is.

Referring to your picture of the Ledmap dropdown box, it looks similar to mine minus the Spiral_map_16x32. But when I select ledmap1.json, the drop down box will still show Unchanged.

Could you clarify AC?

The build you are using is called AC ( Aircookie ) and as said yes it is a known thing that the ledmap will still show Unchanged even when active

I believe ALDIY is referring to WLED acronyms of the build types. this should help.

You will need to use MM fork if you need ledmap ID returned in API calls.
Currently selected ledmap is not stored in any variable (in AC fork, to reduce memory footprint) and so not available in API calls. It is only possible to set ledmap, not retrieve it.