Akismet has temporarily hidden your post

Hi, I received an email stating that “Akismet has temporarily hidden your post” from a post I made 5 days ago (see below image with details). I did reply to it here in hopes to get it resolved but haven’t gotten a response yet. I totally get, understand, and appreciate how lucky I am to be able to post here for help and share my experience so I’m definitely not complaining, just reaching out for awareness of a staff member in case this may have fallen through the cracks.

In advance:

  • My thanks for providing this software, it’s really great!
  • My apologies as I attempted to reposted (with some changes to the original that I though would better help others help with my issue), but it also got hidden see here
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I apologize for the filter and have unlocked your post :slight_smile:


Thank you! :slight_smile: