Any reliable Pixel / Strip recommendations for mounting outdoors?

Are there any brands and/or version of individually addressable LEDs that have a reputation of being bulletproof especially outdoors?

Somewhat similar to this topic.

I have a setup of around 12 meters of strips in aluminum channels. They are mounted outdoors under a roof overhang and can only be accessed with scaffolding or similar measures.

After about a year the existing “al-cheapo” WS2812B started failing on me with the usual flickering and failure to relay data further down the chain. I used regular WS2812B stripes that I covered with clear epoxy in the channels.

Getting up there is a good 300€ for renting machinery so now I want to be all prepared and fix it for good.

I have been very careful with the brightness. Most of the time it has been around 15%. So it is hard to imagine that I could improve reliability reducing it.

I already bought three roles of WS2813 in the IP67 silicon tubing. From what I gathered reading forums: People do not seem too convinced that this Backup Data Concept works when it is needed.

So what could I mount alongside? How about WS2801 in IP65 (silicon molded on)? I was hoping that they would not be susceptible for being crappy pixels