Button Press Macro

Is their a way to make switching from on-off trigger a macro but the switch from off-on not do anything?

I want the switch reset to NOT trigger anything.

What value would I put in the input box, it requires a value.


What happens if you set the Off->On Macro Preset to “0”?

I’m not sure, I will test it, I think it has a default action it will do, like effects or brightness or something.
A work around I found was to set it to a preset that doesn’t exist, but idk if this might potentially cause an issue.
Another question, Is their a way that WLED retains the last used preset?
i.e. I’m cycling through presets 1-10 and I stop at #7. Then when I power cycle it starts back at #7 and doesn’t go back to #1?

There shouldn’t be a “default action” as a fresh install has all the Macros set to 0 for → No Action.

As far as your 2nd question, I think you’re implying a “save state” that can be used on power up to figure out where you left off in the preset list?

The idea has been suggested a number of times and there may even be a usermod doing some of that.
The limiting factor is the only place you can currently save that info is the FileSystem, the same place presets and config info are saved.
While that sounds good enough, you have to realize the FS is really just Eraseable Flash program memory and there are very real limits as to how many times you can perform a write operation.
The number passed around is usually on the order of 10,000 writes.
While that sounds like a lot, if you look at how often you’d have to update your current “state” to capture what’s going on in the real world you rapidly reach that limit in a few months (weeks?).

YMMV of course and you may be able to alleviate the issue depending on how you structure your use of WLED, but under current architecture it’s not a very popular scenario.

One of the possible solutions would be to add external SD card support, but that’s Not Ready Yet (not even Real Soon Now).

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Amazing answer! thanks! I will use 0 for no action!