Connecting two strips with different voltage on same esp8266

Is there any way to connect ws2812b (5v) and ws2815 (12v) on same esp8266/esp32 ? If Yes, can someone draw me a connection diagram, showing which wire/pin going in where??? Note that ws2815 is behind my monitor for ambiance and ws2812b is all over my walls for music or playing with modes. so I guess both have to use different data pins. Plz, help me here.

You connect the ground from both power supplies, the Esp and both LED strips together. The 5v Positive goes to the 5v strips, the 12v positive goes to the 12v strips and the Esp is either powered from the 5v supply or from the usb port. :slightly_smiling_face:

does it seem ok to u???

That’s the general idea.
Best if you can keep the data line from the MCU to the strip short.
You may end up needing a level shifter on one or both data lines.

Try it and see what you get.

did u check the image on figma??

If you are going to be using that barrel jack I would not send more than 3 Amps through it. They are not rated for more than 5A and allot of them can’t handle 5A

Did u check the figma diagram?? All ok there except the barrel??

Yes looks ok.