Creating a Save Current Button

Sorry if this is already documented somewhere and I didn’t find it yet, or I’m jut searching for the wrong terms, but I’m trying to do something which I think should be possible, but I’m not able to figure it out yet.

I’m working on an wled setup with a push button which I’d like it to be able to long press to save the current settings, and then short press to apply those saved settings. Think of a car’s radio quick tune button which has similar functionality.

The approach I’m trying to take are as follows:

  1. Create preset # 240 which saves the current settings to preset # 241
  2. Set Button’s long press to preset 240 (to save) and assign short press to 241 (to apply).

When I make a normal HTTP API call (from Chrome’s url bar) with the following, It works and saves the current settings into preset #241:

The problem I’m running into is creation of the json or http api call in preset 240 which does the saving. This part does not work, as in when I try to use the following api call, it doesn’t actually save the current settings to preset #241 to same way the normal API call does.

Preset #240 - JSON:
{"state":{"psave":241,"n":"Button Apply"}}

Preset #240 - HTTP:

My assumption is that I have the wrong API call in the preset and need to change the format to get this to work. Or maybe I found a bug? Can anyone help guide me with this?

GOAL: Construct a preset which saves current settings to another preset #?


I should note that I haven’t physically hooked the button up yet. I’ve been testing this through the presets menu and executing the presets from the web ui, not physical buttons.

Maybe there’s a difference? maybe I need to execute the save settings preset from the actual button and not the web ui?