Current Limit Per Output

Current Limit Currently applies to all outputs.

But with the multi outputs, this is a little unuseful.

I’m using an eth-01 riving 5 outputs. All with various numbers of less and PSU.

Would be great to have a limit per output.


What you request may be possible, but IMHO the “current limit” feature (ABL) is just a kludge for the actual problem that needs solving: supply your LEDs with the power they need to operate properly.

The ABL doesn’t actually stop your LEDs from drawing more power than your supply can provide.
It just makes sure their brightness is never set to the calculated (not measured) value of draw higher than you tell it.

Software as an electrical safety feature is NOT safety, that’s why you use proper power supply sizes, proper wiring sizes and fuses.

Just my $.02

All my outputs are fused and general have the right size psu. I’m also using wled with xlights.

There a number of reason for the current limit per output

  1. Different types of pixels being used so you can balance a display
  2. Change the brightness for the time of day vs natural light
  3. Balance the brightness across the displays

None of those suggested reasons requires ABL/current limiting.

Simply applying the required brightness to segments for each of those criteria will do the same thing and gives you actual control over what is being applied rather than relying on the ABL “calculations” based on the numbers you feed it.

I would guess that Xlights gives you even further control.

Just seen the segment control :slight_smile:

The problem is impossible to solve in general. There are too many variables at play to successfully limit current draw in every situation.