Flash of 1 pixel when powering on - normal?

Not sure if this should be in hardware but appreciate any feedback please.

I have a string of ws2811 square pixels. 12v controlled through a DigUno and ESP 32 Mini with plenty of amps/watts etc.
I have WLED to leave the lights out when powering up, however I find that when I turn the power on the first pixel in the string flashes green for a second.

This isn’t a problem in itself but is it a sign of an issue somewhere? The connections were made at the top of a ladder in the rain so I am on the look out for any signs that something isn’t right and I need to revisit the connections. It may be the controller is the issue or maybe it is completely normal.

Any thoughts or advice before I spend hours tearing everything apart?


Hi Matt,

don’t worry, this is normal. Before WLED initialized the LEDs, there may be some undefined/random data on the LED pin, causing one or the first few LEDs to light up for a moment :slight_smile:

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