How to Convert HTTP Request to JSON API?

Hello, is there a tool to convert an HTTP request to JSON ?
For example: how is this as JSON:

You could go a different route and do a compare.

Before sending the http string, request the full json configuration.
Send the http request.
Request the full json configuration again.
Use a compare tool to highlight the differences. That’s the json.

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@huggy-d1 : works perfect, thanks! :+1:

Glad you found a solution that worked for you. Now I am curious. What compare tool did you choose? Hopefully not your eyeballs, although that would certainly work.

Using Notepad++ and CSDiff.exe and testing with Node-RED

Excellent tool selection! I had n++ in mind when I wrote “compare”. Some folks are command line driven and would have used a diff tool - there are quite a few of those tools available too.