HTTP command

Hello everyone, I’m new here and this is my first project. I have an ESP8266 and a LED strip WS2814. I would like to send an HTTP command via a KNX visualization. When a KNX motion detector detects me, the light from LED 1 to LED72 should pass through and then be switched on. When you turn off the light, it should run back and then turn off. With Wled I always only see effects but not just a switch-on effect. Maybe someone can help me. I want to send the switch-on command and switch-off command via an HTTP command from KNX

use the preset on START up ((config LED)) to take your effect at start

I don’t understand, I’m new. Can you please explain it in more detail?

there are Videos available for this
like this one

If the aim is something like this or wipe as in the video


then look at this post for some info
Wipe & sweep ceiling LEDs strip light - #5 by ALDIY , otherwise clarify more what you are after