Make custom simple page

hi i want to make simpler gui wled and example i have page named mypage.htm

and i have been modified 2 file

  1. wled_server.cpp file

with this line

(line 580 )
case 11: strcpy_P(s, PSTR("mypage")); break;

line 613)
case 11:  response = request->beginResponse_P(200, "text/html", PAGE_mypage,         PAGE_mypage_length);
  1. cdata.js

i have been add where linked the page

line 384
      file: "mypage.htm",
      name: "PAGE_mypage",
      method: "gzip",
      filter: "html-minify",

after i compiled with node js i got that page was linked

but after i flash it its no page views. whats wrong??