PCB track widths

Hi all.

Playing around with PCB at the moment and I’m starting to get my head around track width.

The quinled can handle 30amps… But the tracks would have to be huge surely?

What size traces to ppl use on there custom pcbs for 5amp…20amp?

Look up PCB trace calculators such as: https://www.4pcb.com/trace-width-calculator.html

For 30A w/ 2oz copper surface copper, you get something like 1.7cm trace width.
You can do various tricks such as top and bottom layers (and/or internal) to double up (or more) available copper and potentially 1/2 the width required.

For things like multi bus/multi fuse LED strips you can have a fairly short but “robust” wide area as your power “bus” and immediately connect to multiple fuse/terminal points that are more reasonable current levels.
So your 30A input supply might quickly be split to 3x10A supply runs.

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