Pixel Repeater Function

Hey all, not sure if this is board this belongs on but I’m giving it a shot. Please move if necessary!

I’ve been using WLED in some recent theatrical environments where I’ve found something that would be a GREAT addition to WLED. I’d love to be able to set repeating pixels, when driven by sACN or ArtNet. It would be great to tell WLED, I have 300 pixels but I want to treat them as a definable chase circuit; I could say repeat every 3 pixels, so pixels 4, 7, 10… all follow pixel 1; 5, 8, 11… all follow pixel 2, etc. So effectively while having 300 pixels the source of the sACN would only have to control 3 pixels, and it would just repeat across the strand. Controllable pixels should be adjustable (i.e. repeat every 3 pixels, or every 10 pixels, depending on what you need). I’m not sure if this would be better handled in output control or segment control.

This would be absolutely invaluable for any kind of “professional” lighting set up where control can be limited by a number of factors. I also recently had issues with lag when running multiple universes of sACN in a theatrical environment (with a well designed UniFi network backbone and good wifi signal, still slowed down); so if instead of sending universes full of data I could’ve just sent a handful of channels to be repeated, network performance would’ve been significantly improved.