Power on/off

Not sure if it’s already there, but can we get one of the pins assigned as power status? Currently, when you use power off UI feature, LEDs are dimmed, but the power is still present. If we could get power status on one of the pins, we could use it to switch off power supply when the power is off, and then switch it back on when power is on.

You can use a relay to switch your power supply on/off. There is no way to switch the power off to the LEDs from the Esp because the power to the LEDs does not come from the Esp. Power comes from your power supply and that can be connected to a relay and the relay can be controlled from the Esp.

That’s exactly what I want to do, but to control a relay, I need to know if the “power” is on or off, meaning I need one of the pins from ESP to provide that signal.

That is set in LED Preferences and called Relay GPIO. :wink:


Awesome! Thanks.

I would recommend putting it above IR, with the “IR Info” link above it, it makes it look like it is something for the IR input.

Or in it’s own section because it is an output while everything else is input