Programming basics

I am new to WLED & tried it in my project of clock recently.I am trying to integrate my clock program as a new pattern in it. I did understand how I can add a new pattern & I also succeed seeing & operating it in the app.

But I am not understanding how the led classes/functions work. I need basic instructions for :

  1. How to ON/OFF a particular led in the strip with user set / custom colors.
  2. How to BLINK particular LED/LEDS (in seconds) with user set /custom colors?
  3. How can I get NTP time from the existing library ?

It will be really helpful if someone can share/illustrate simple instructions to control the LEDS.

Anyone interested in guiding how to simply control the LED’s ?

Finally I was able to control the WLED using usermod. Sad to say I didn’t got any help from the forum.

For setting a segment of 60 LED:
strip.setSegment(0, 0, 60);
strip.setSegment(1, 0, 12); //set segment of LED 0 to 12

For making ON a LED ex say LED 1 & 2:
strip.setSegment(1, 0, 2); //Set LED1 & LED 2
strip.getSegment(1).setOption(1, true); //Send ON command to Segment 1
strip.getSegment(0).setOption(0, false); //Send OFF command to other LED

if anybody likes to add more for helping others please do so.