Relay: Brightness Range 1-255

I added a relay - configured its pin in led preferences - to cut off power of the LED strip.

When using the power button in the UI the relay switches off power as expected. This is great. Additional I tried to trigger the delay by moving the brightness slider all the way down to zero but

  • minimum value of the UI brightness slider is 1 (not 0 as I expected),
  • moving brightness to the lowest possible value does not trigger the relay :frowning:

Is this the expected behavior of the UI brightness slider when using a relay?

Actually, with this behavior, Iโ€™m unable to switch off the LEDs completely by using the UI brightness slider (with color other than black). With color black LEDs are โ€œoffโ€ but relay does not switch off power.

Iโ€™m using latest release v0.14.0 with audioreactive usermod (analog MAX9814 microphone).

I thought moving the brightness slider all the way down would trigger the relay as well โ€ฆ

This is expected and designed as such.
You need to use either {"on":false} or T=0 API calls to switch WLED off.

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