Segments and macros

I had a table with most the the addressable leads built into the top, but I want the few on the bottom to turn on when the top is turned off. I have them set up as segments. I have homebridge set up with the WLED plugin so I can use automations, like, turning off the table when nobody is home or when it gets late at night. I want to make it to that when the top is off, the bottom lights up so the room is still dark but the floor around the table is lit up so you won’t stub your toe on it.

I can only turn everything on or off with the API call. Is there a way to set a macro to light the bottom of my table, segment 1, at night after I tell the whole thing to just turn off?

If you have NTP enabled, you should be able to use the scheduler to run a macro at a given time. If you have another computer on your home network that is always on (raspberry pi works well for a low power nearly invisible solution), you can activate the macro using the http API (see the wiki for details) by scheduling a url request (using CURL or other url request - see google for options for your situation).

I can’t get a macro to handle segments. Segment 1 is recognized on the webui, but not via web calls.

I believe you need to use JSON API for segments.
A way to send JSON data to WLED is using CURL. It is a command line (terminal / console) application for sending http(s) requests, and can attach JSON data as part of the request.

I use it in a home automation application to control a Govee LED strip using their cloud API.

So I can’t use macros with segments?