Use of WLED FX on simple sketch for RGBW led

Hi everybody,
it should be possible to use Wled FX for a simple RGBW single power led sketch?
I’ve made a light with a 20W RGBW power led and I turn it on and off and change colour. I would like to add some non-blocking effects that I should use also with a single Led like Breath, Hertbeat, Strobe, Lightning, etc… without using wled sketch.
I know WS2815FX is only for addressable strips and using only Fastled with non-blocking features is quite difficult.
If it should be possible what do I have to know to use Wled Effects? How should I set RGBW pin and commands?


You can setup WLED to drive analog (non-addressable) LED’s by setting the Output type to PWM RGBW in Config->LED Preferences.
You’ll need to add (4) MOSFET’s to drive the 4 channels.
There’s some basic info in: Getting Started - WLED Project

Thanks divsys,
I know Wled can do that… but that’s not what I asked for…
I would like to know if it should be possible to port Wled FX system to my sketch and how.
What I need to put inside my sketch to have simple non-blocking FX already done with Wled?
What I have to define?

You’ll have to look at the source code and see what you want to keep and what you want to remove.
WLED is a developed application that allows others to include their modifications if they wish (via Usermods).
If you want to take it apart for your own purposes that’s up to you.

You might want to look at one of the underlying library modules - NeoPixelBus.
For your purposes, that may be a better place to start.

Ok, thanks, I will start from NeoPixelBus.