Which Pin on ESP32 for SK9822/APA102 Strip?

Hi there,
I have an ESPRESSIF ESP32-WROOM-32D and would like to control a SK9822 (APA102) with it.
Which pins do I have to use for this?

With luck I used pin 23 for data and pin 18 for Clk.
This works with short strips (approx. 50 LEDs), with long strips (approx. 250 LEDs) everything stays dark…

My pins on the ESP32 look like the one shown in the appendix.

Thanks in advance

There are really no limitations on an ESP32 for which pins to use. Obviously, you can’t use an input-only pin.

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Further to tonyno’s comment, if you were able to get any strip to light with 23 and 18, it shouldn’t make any difference to the ESP32 what the length of that strip is.
As long as each LED is getting sufficient power there is no extra “Load” on the ESP32 due to strip length.
It’s all just data being passed along from LED node to LED node.

I would try the longer strip again using 23 & 18 but set up a segment of only 10 LEDS and see if you get anything. Once you do, move those 10 LEDS in the segment farther down the line so you can test if you have a break somewhere. If you do a small segment, you’re much less likely to run into power problems.

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