WLED & Sk9822

Hello there,

I was wondering if WLED now supports SK9822. Initially i ordered APA102 on ALI But got SK9822. I know That the SK9822 need an Reset Frame at the end of each cycle. Was that implemented and do I need to make special changes to use SK9822.

I am using WLED with an WEMOSshield with Hyperion and got strong flickering in dark scenes.

Thank you and Greetings


the changes had been integrated into NeoPixelBus.
Make sure that you are using Version 2.6.0 of the NeoPixelBus Library.


Also if the brightness control in the wled webinterface is working without problems the fix
is already applied in your version.

Okay. Then i need to check for other errors in My setup.

@feindsender One More question. Do i Need to pay attention to Any setting when I do my build with plattformIO, i just set everything to apa102 Or are there special settings for SK9822?

there is no special setting needed for SK9822. Before the fix in Version 2.6.0 of NeoPixelBus the
SK9822 wouldn´t work at all.