20x100 Pixel LEDs with WLED!

Thank You WLED Community, this was possible just because of you!

Last year I thought to create huge 20ft x 100ft (WXH) pixel curtain comprising 2000 pixel led for Diwali Decoration for my house (Exterior-Front), problem was that I was completely new to pixel LED and was unable to figure out where to start, after going through lots of materials here and there I found WLED, it’s GitHub page, website, community, discord and after studying things online I purchased a NodeMcu & 3 Fairy RGB lights and begun my experiments with WLED and PIXELS. IT WAS SOOO SIMPLE TO START WORKING ON PIXEL LEDS WITH WLED.

So after lots of experiments with 8266 I understood it’s limitation and purchased ESP32 and this controller is awesome with WLED, after lots of experiments I finally decided to do it this year…

This is last stage of my experiment for my Dream Project after this I’ll fix this on my House.

Software:- WLED(Just Enough)

Main Hardware:-
Controller: ESP 32
Connection type: All Parallel (using 10 Ports)
Wire: 2.5sqmm for power and 0.75sqmm for data
Power supply: 2 x 70Amp - 5v (700W supply)
Pixel type: Low power Fairy RGB leds

Here are some pics from last experiment (1000 leds).

Do let me know if you’ve any questions…


Heya! Saw this and I am making a 30x66 vertical panel. It is stretched around a cylinder, so at any one time you can only see ~14x66, and I’m curious if you have any favorite or custom patterns for your tall curtain matrix?


@jesse Hi you can use a Raspbery that sends the images to the Matrix
so you can nearly produce 20Fps from a Video or just make Artwork

C>LINDER why is it a full cylinder you use ? is it visible from all sides the Cylinder ofcause

Megatrees from Xlights for instance work also on 180deg View so dpuble density on your projekt
get a idee search megatree on YT

Hi, yes it is viewable from all sides. Imagine a 7 foot tall barber shop spinny sign.