32x32 Ws2812b Low Cost

does anyone got a overview what is the best way to build OR Buy a 32x32
going for the 4x 16x16 wil add 40USD
going big by using 1m low cost stripes 30/m needs 30 stipes but 1m Display 45USD

gong 12mm Bulb will add a 150USD for 1000Bulb

I have just built a 30x10 matrix using a 5m long ws2812 strip / 60 LEDs per meter - that is 300 LEDs:


I split the strip in segments of 10 (which is what these strips really are, as you will see they are joined at every 10th).

Eventually I will add another 30x10 set to make it 30x20 when my monthly pocket money will come in :joy:

Looks like some good work!

I’d suggest you’re going to need some power injection points depending on what you try and display.
Assuming your strips are numbered 1-10 from top to bottom, probably something like: the join of #3->#4 and the join of #8->#9. In general you try and add power injection to evenly spread across the strips (as best you can).

Keep at it, now the fun begins :wink:

If you are looking for a low cost option, you might be better looking at Hub75 panels, depending on what pixel density you want. Support in the Moon Modules fork and coming soon so the main AirCookie release too

thank you all this gives me some new idee

I power inject every strip. If you zoom the picture you will see on the left side the black and red wires going in, in addition to the blue for the data line. The blue line is the only one that is going zig-zagging. The power is all from the left side.

I am now trying to come up with a neater solution for the cabling that is at the back of the board - you cannot see it, I will post a couple of pictures later.

Aha, I see it now, good job.
For a cleaner setup, I’d go for a pretty heavy (12AWG or even 10AWG) solid wire “bus” directly (or very near) behind your injection holes. It will be very near the actual strip points and if you inject that bus line in the middle, the distributon loss will be very short. Can even run more than one injection wire to the bus.

as now easter24 has past some ALI supplyers came across with Meter long WS2812b at 1USD
that means a 1sqare meter almost 11 sqarefoot display for 30USD
or as you dont need this BIG
15x15Pixels will cost you 16USD =225 Nodes
with a Arduino Nano or uno this gets you almost 50 Full Comic ART Displays in PROGMEM
the WLED ESP8266 full mode EVEN MOONshine
and ofcause all the fine art at ESP32 with more Flex