70 led strip 300 leds (21.000 pixel led ) + 3 ESP8266

Hello everyone, I would like to know if I will have any issues with my project, considering the number of WS2812 LED strips with 300 LEDs each.
I am thinking of using 3 ESP8266, utilizing 3 GPIO outputs on each ESP to control approximately 350 meters of LED strip. The model of the strip will be WS2812 with 300 LEDs, totaling 21,000 LED pixels across 70 strips of 5 meters each. I would like some help from the community to know if I will have any issues regarding the memory or capacity of the 3 ESP8266 in controlling this number of LEDs.

No way you are going to run 2k LEDs per pin x 3 pins on one Esp8266 with any sort of decent frame rate (if it will even do it). I would look at using at least 4 Esp32’s using 8 outputs per Esp. Also did you figure out how you plan to power 21k 5v pixels?

If it were me I would be looking at using a Falcon, Kulp, or Experience Lights controller for such an intensive project.

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@victorbaxx What is this MEGA projekt about
Matrix ?
Why WLED as a Base OS
and ESP8266 lowest available not STARTING on ESP32

You are planing Very high Tech Things on lowest level not the Best idee to go for
As you invest in LED’s you also need to invest in Controller and PSU

tks, no matrix.