Ws2811 12v LEDs Strip not working (Esp32)

Hey all! i’ve current issue with a esp32 and ws2811 12v LEDs strip. When i connect the LEDs on the board i can’t control from the app, the firs 30 LEDs are on but i can’t do anything with them. I’m using 12v 20a power supply for two LEDs strip with 600 LEDs in total.

My connections are:

  • LEDs +V to +V power supply (12v)
  • LEDs -V to -V power supply and esp32 GRD
  • LEDs Data to esp32 D4
  • Esp32 usb connected to desktop.

Need more info.

What Esp32? (wroom dev kit c?)
Can you access the GUI from the app or you can’t find them in the app?
Can you post a pic of your LED Preferences settings?
By ‘d4’ do you mean GPIO 4?

It may also help to have a look here: Getting Started - WLED Project

Yes, is a Esp32 wroom dev kit. I can access to the GUI and the configuration. And yes D4 its GPIO4.

Settings look right.

I would try setting it for 30 LEDs and see if you can control those.

If you can control 30 then I would either disable the brightness limiter or up it’s value to say 10000, provided your wiring can support it.

You will also need to inject power farther down the line. Only powering the strips from the beginning will not provide enough power for all of the LEDs. I would add power at the end of strip 1 and also at the end of strip 2 as well.

Also remember that ws2811 strips are in groups of 3 LEDs per data address. So however many LEDs you have you would take 1/3 of that for your total # of LEDs in WLED. If you have a strip of 300 *ws2811 LEDs WLED sees that as 100. (Total should be set to 100 not 300 for *ws2811 strips)

The last thing is to expand your segment box from the main GUI window and make sure it looks correct. If you only have 1 segment it would be like segment 0 and have values from 0-300 (if 300 is correct). Make sure the little power switch icon under the segment is ON as well as the segment check box being checked.