WS2812B and esp32 problem

this is my first time with wled and led strip but i dont know why my led works randomly.

i hava a 5V 20A (100W) power supply, 5 meter of WS2812B strip led and esp32

i have connected the power supply directly to the stip led, esp32 take power from USB and i have connectd DATA cable from esp32 to strip led.

led turn on until 3M, if i try to change some effect color and so on, somenthing happen but it’s random. on led preference i have selected WS281X and correct number of led.

i don’t kwno what is wrong, can you help me?

First make sure the ground from your 5V 20A supply is connected to same ground from the ESP32 (USB).

How many LEDs/meter in your strip and what is the total number of LEDs you’re trying to drive?

I have connected the GND of external power supply, esp32, and led strip, and now works great.

Thank you