Actual thermal throttling?

Hi guys, as you may know, I make signs all my signs use my new controller with temp sensor being TCOR bonded to the led PCBs my signs are very dense, unfortunately, therefore, they get hot I was seeing about 90 degc at 50% white…my question is has anyone actually done thermal throttling and or global (all signs/ controllers on network) per led cc limit as currently, my boards have different led densities therefore different heat characteristics but they are all next to each other so if one needs to dim because it’s getting too hot I need all of them to apply the same brightness?

A usermod that reads temperature and modifies max brightness or max power consumption to regulate temperature automatically might be useful for solving that type of problem. Start with a good temperature usermod (several exist), and then check the temperature value and modify global variable(s) to keep temperature under control. Might want to invest a little time into a slow PI(D) temperature control algorithm so the adjustments only happen at around 10 Hz rather than it making adjustments every time the usermod is called.

Thanks huggy, we are going to work on this now in the coming week.

the temp issues are becoming more of an issue now… almost at forced air cooling !