Staircase usermod

Hey guys. I was just playing round with the staircase usermod. Thought I try it out on 5x10LED strips to make sure I had it all good. I segmented it up and ran a couple effects. The 2nd segment seems to play up. I wave my hand in front of the sensor. The 1st lights up then the 2nd. But as the 3rd 4th and 5th come on the 2nd pulses with them. And when they start turning off the 2nd pulses again. And when it’s time for the 2nd to turn off it fades a bit and the 1st segment turns off before it. Or sometimes the 2nd and 1st turn off at the same time. But say if I had them all as 1 segment and ran an effect. It works well. I’ve even tried on a complete strip of 144 LEDS. same problem. If I could post a video u will see wat I mean. I have power coming in on the same side of all and data running from one to the next. Has anybody had this problem. I am going to try with an older version soon. This was with the current .13b4.

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