Animated Staircase problem on 13.0 b4

I posted the other day about a problem with the animated staircase on my ESP32. I have since done a bit more investigation. It seems that the latest build 13.0 b4 has a problem with the second segment where it will pulse while the subsequent segments light up and when the segments are turning off it will flicker and fade after the first segment turns off.
Fast worward to now. I have tried it on an esp8266 with the same out come. Was trying to rule out the board. But I decided to try an older build. 12.1 I think it was. And on both boards worked perfectly. Just seeing if anyone has tried the latest update in staircase mode. And if you have noticed the same problem.


Good afternoon
I have the same problem, while I think it is due to the inconsistency of the tape and the output of the controller. I will try to coordinate the levels and check how it will work

The problem is not solved

I have same problem with 2112080 version. Please help me!

Same for me. Running 2 installations of build 2112030 on ESP32’s.

I have 1x 13 and 1x 14 stairs. Tried reversing the order. Tried diffrent effects. It is always the 2nd segment whichs switchs on or off last.

Any suggestions how to debug the problem and help to solve it?

Many thanks - Mark