Adafruit api to WLED?

Hi there! Im using adafruit to control my WLED and so far all I’ve been able to do is have it send the toggle function.

I would consider myself a novice in nearly all aspects of MQTT, json, http, but I want to learn how I can have another command sent to the board that activates a preset. I need to know what to tell adafruit to send to my WLED and ultimately I want to understand what I am doing with json/http. Any resources on these api functions would be appriecated.

Hi , Did you go over the KB JSON API - WLED Project we can in our case use the API commands via MQTT using [mqttDeviceTopic]/api

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I’ve actually been looking at this. I’ve tried using the /api in the string of data I’m transmittig as well as many other attempts. Since code is a foriegn concept to me, I’m basically taking stabs in the dark. But now I’m understanding that I might need to use a raspberry pi to use these api functions remotely. Is that correct? Is there a way around that?

If you do not have an mqttbroker ( Home assistant in our case ) then you could still use the command line from windows or MAC with CURL to send the JSON commands . I am on phone cause I am on vacation sorry i could not give you examples but if you try in wled discord the guys would help as the command you want is not complicated. I hope I understood your question correctly as now i am not sure what do you mean by adafruit api

Hi this helps a bunch. Adafruit is an mqtt broker that I am using. I will try the discord thank you