Adding two button to active a short timed pre-set for stairs animation

Hi guys, I’m hoping I am posting in the correct section and cant find in the wiki what I’m looking for.

Basically I have two strips running up my stair case, and two pressure pads underneath the carpet on the top and bottom step.

My hope was to have two inputs to the Dig-Uno, the bottom step to activate an animation from the bottom up, the top pad switch to reverse the same animation.

I have uploaded .13 to the board which gives me the multiple button choices, but apart from GPIO 0 which GPIO can I bring the second switch too, it shows -1 but obviously that isn’t an available GPIO.

Secondly am I correct in thinking the GPIO pins just need taking to ground to trigger ?

Lastly, is there a feature I can’t seem to see to limit the pre-sets time on so it stops the animation after a few seconds ?

Any help very happily received thanks.

You change that pin# to what you want to use.
Scroll up/dwn or backspace over the “-1” and type in the GPIO you want.

Lookup the Button section for details.

You could use a Playlist with limit times on the preset(s) you’re triggering.

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