Changing effects from gpio v0.8.5

Hi, thank you for your good project
Tips for adding a feature that I can do by reading the status of the pins
I’m new in programming and I wanted (for etc) running effect and color to be executed when the pin was low, and go back to the lastest effect, speed, settings,… that were running when it was high.
I can apply the changes, but I could not return to the previous state
sry for my bad english thx for ur help

Not sure if you resolved this. There is a button press feature in the standard build, which I believe connects to GPIO0. It supports short and long press detection. You could create a macro to run the animation, brightness and speed when the button press is detected.

I’m not sure if there is an event generated when the button is released (go back to standard setting). Should be an easy event to create if it is not there.