Adding WLED to a custom install

Hi y’all!

I would like to ask for opinions and advice from the WLED experts here. I have a WS2812b display driven by custom software on a beefy DSP. I would like to add new objects to the install that are not connected to this system via wires - meaning, I’d like to take advantage of the WiFi capability of ESP8266 or ESP32 and WLED to drive things like wall wash floods.

Here is a picture of what I’m thinking. Is this a workable architecture? My thought is to connect one ESP8266 to my main DSP via Serial (JSON commands), and it would relay display commands to the “remote” ESP boards via WiFi.

Thoughts? Thanks, dave

I suggest ESP32 for middle one, then add the child 8266s to it as “DDP RGB (network)” LEDs.