A few questions about possibilies & communication

hey there,

I just joined the Wled universe & finally got a ws2815 & ws2812 runing well (seperate) with an esp8266 .

These guys are mounted on TV Screen & my 32:9 pc screen.

I’ve totally forgotten that these stripes are not good with white / controlling the temperature.
Is there a possibility control a 2nd stripe only for white ?

I mean that the stripes would be in synch but one strip is for Color & one is for whites, something like a switch.
sk6812 would have been the better choice… or is there any disadvantage compared to ws2815/ws2812 ?

Is there a possibility to sync my led strip with a Osram/Ledvance RGB Wifi+ Light bulb?
It has integration into Google Home, Smartthings & Alexa but as far as I know there is not esp.

If its possible, how ? Jason api ? I always saw it mentioned but idk how to start :see_no_evil:

I’m also using Hyperion for my PC & TV screen but could only find a global settings for the capturing.
I mean is there any option where I set wled-Tv = display1 & wled-pc = display2 ?

Sure, but usually the white would be analog, so you need a board that supports that, or to add MOSFETs.