WS2815 strip + separate standard white strip

Hi, I want to create a room light with 16 m of RGB around the room corners and in parallel a separate 12 V white strip. The white one should be just on/off or if possible dimming but not a must. The RGB should get the great WLED effects.

When someone enters the room and switch on normal light (right now normal lamp in the middle of the ceiling) the white should start, too and RGB off. Only if ambient light is wished, big light and white off and RGB with effects on.

I plan to employ ESP32 board and think about WS2815 + separate white both 60 LED/m as I prefer to use a 12 V power source and RGB will not be used the same time as white -> no effect usage for white.

Is that a reasonable way or should I got for RGBW with 5 V. I expect the white from RGBW-strips is less bright than a seperate one like 60 LED/m, 200 lm/m.

Thanks, Holger

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Hi Holger,

for now i can not help you. But i am looking for the same solution as you. I currently have 25m 12V warm white Strip and 25m WS2811 in parallel on my ceiling, currently they are both controlled via two seperate esp8266. Which is kinda annoying because the white strip also runs different software.
Would be awesome to control them both via the WLED UI.

I can code quite decent, i will get into the source code and compile it myself, maybe i can integrate the mosfet driver. [Don’t expect any working code soon :sweat_smile:]

But any help or advice will be appreciated.

best regards

Hi Tobias,

Thanks for reply. I meanwhile switched my plans to SK6812 at 5 V and it works fine. The light is bright enough for a 4x4 m room. But basically the idea is still reasonable from my point of view.