Audio reactivity WLED 0.14.0-b1

Good afternoon ! Installed WLED version 0.14.0-b1, ESP 32 controller. The firmware description states that light effects can be tied to audio. I can’t find any settings in the program, there is no audio settings section as it was in previous versions of SR. Please tell me as much as possible how to achieve interaction with sound. Where to connect the microphone, where are the settings. Complete procedure.

Please Help !!!

It’s available, but not built in. You have to compile wled with platformio and include the audio reactive usermod in the build. After doing so, the menu will show up.

Here’s the official user mod with instructions: WLED/usermods/audioreactive at main · Aircoookie/WLED · GitHub

Here’s a good tutorial video Quindor did about a month ago to enable it on one of his boards: Intermit.Tech #060 - WLED v0.14 and custom usermod compiling - YouTube

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You can also grab a binary from @srg74 Github repository.

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Many thanks ! Your answer helped a lot!