QuinLED-ESP32-AE+ & SoundReactive


I’m stuck and in need of some help please.

I am using a QuinLED-ESP32-AE+ with the ICS-43434 Digital Microphone
to output to a 30 x 54 matrix.
Environment: esp32 v3.3.6-16-gcc5440f6a2 (0)

Whilst running on WLED V0.14.0 “Hoshi” 2310130 this all works perfectly well.

However, I would like to utilise the Microphone feature on the board and have attempted to use: WLEDSR_0.13.4 soundReactive_esp32dev.bin
(ESP32 build 2309021).

Using the same same config and GPIOs as ‘Vanilla’ WLED I can’t even get any LEDs to light up.

Please could someone point me in the right direction to how to get this working or even a way to add a UserMod to WLED to allow me to use some sort of Audio Reactivity?


Maybe a dumb question but are you choosing a sound-reactive effect? The ones with the music symbol beside the name, like Gravimeter.

Thanks for asking. I’ve tried lots of effects, even just ‘Solid’, but no LEDs light up at all using SoundReactive.