WLED SoundReactive not working

New user here, hello! New to addressable LED’s and have been setting up several ESP32 with different lighting set ups around the house. Figured I’d jump to the next step and try the SoundReactive version. Picked up a MAX4466 microphone.

Using a bare ESP32 board. Hooked up my WS2812B strip like I did on my other boards.

I’ve got my VCC on the mic hooked to the 3V3 pin on the ESP
GND on mic hooked to GND on ESP
OUT on mic to pin D35 on ESP (Just like all the YouTube videos showed me)

Downloaded WLED SoundReactive 13.3https://ibb.co/MG0s68D

Have my pin set to 35 in sound settings.

Solid color wheel adjustment on the lights works fine. Any other sound effect either does nothing, or lights up solid of the background color. Only slider that affects anything is the dimmer bar. Please help.

The MAXX4466 is not a very good mic as it can be effected by noise on the 3.3v line quite a bit. However you may want to try the recommended settings here: First Time Setup · atuline/WLED Wiki · GitHub

It looks like they have the gain set ALOT higher than you. Not sure if it will help you or not but worth a look.

Also the Analog mic info can be found here: Analog Audio Input Options · atuline/WLED Wiki · GitHub

Facing the same issue. Read a forum where it says to power the wa28128 strip thorugh a separate power supply as it produces a lot of noise on 3.3v supply . Will try that tomorrow

We flashed a new unit to test for you with Sound reactive nightly build from here https://wled-install.github.io/
we also connected max9814 ( also tested max4466 ) as per the SR wiki and setup a fake matrix of 8x8 and under mic setting we only set gpio to 36 . Nothing else is changed and that worked out of the box with defaults everywhere and the leds are reacting correctly to mic as we can see that on peek . So might be you could try to follow the same process . Area to make sure of is remove the led and test your MCU alone with mic . Make sure you flash with USB and not OTA . The one thing that we have seeing to mess with analog mic is the PSU . So triple check you power source and for testing try multiple mobile chargers that is feeding power to esp32 and mic but nothing else connected as we have noticed that different chargers might not work . If any of that does not work then try the discord as might be best for troubleshooting online to test